Elyse' Jokinen

Elyse' Jokinen is a collage artist and mother of two wild boys.

Minneapolis, Minnesota / United States


Elyse’ Jokinen is a collage artist that began refining her work two decades ago with nothing but magazines, scissors and glue.
As she adventured state to state throughout her 20s, collage was a constant yet hidden practice that she just began sharing with the world this year.

She’s having a blast.

Elyse’ considers herself a forever student and is always enrolled in a class or experimenting with a new technique. She enjoys being a part of her local art community as well as being connected online.
Her work has been featured on the Create! Magazine blog, All She Makes, Visionary Art Collective and more!

Elyse’ currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband, two wild boys and sweet pup Finn.

"Society puts a lot of pressure on women to be a certain way. In ‘Bad Apples,’ the analog collage series, I work to shatter any negativity behind those ideas. With paper, old book pages and glue, I proudly tell a different story.

I start by collecting, altering and intuitively arranging images. Once the clippings find their perfect places on the page, they’re glued by hand with classic rock playing in the background.
This collection reminds us that there’s beauty in who you are, no matter what you’re told to be. It represents freedom, femininity, equality and yes, a bit of magic."

"I’ve been creative for as long as I can remember but never took my art too seriously. After having my first son at the start of 2017, I needed a creative outlet. Motherhood didn’t come easy to me, it felt very isolating.

I picked up a DSLR camera and started to learn. I took class after class to learn about composition, light and story. Photography was an art I could practice with my newborn. It helped me slow down and appreciate the most mundane moments.

It changed everything for me.

A couple years later I began to branch out of photography by exploring other mediums. I started writing again, reading poetry and dabbling in paint.

Then one day I found myself full circle, sitting cross legged in my living room surrounded by magazines, scissors and glue with classic rock playing in the background. I was home.

I made my first collage almost two decades ago and now it’s the main focus of my art practice.
My dreams for the future include teaching collage and creating a collage community. It’s an expressive, accessible art and I love it to my core. Weird art makes the world go round!"

Website: www.elysejokinen.com
IG: @elysejokinen