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Art Mums United is an inclusive platform that celebrates creativity and motherhood.

We are a global collective of inspiring and powerful women creatives who share love, support and respect for each other.

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Art Mums United Directory is a hub for amazing women creatives who want to share their inspiring journey to celebrate motherhood and femininity.

Join other strong and powerful art mums within a platform that offers and inclusive and safe space for all types of artists - painters, dancers, writers, designers, actresses, musicians, photographers, sculptors.

Art Mums United Directory has been designed for mothers but does not exclude would-be mothers, fur mothers, or those identifying as mothers wishing to gain greater visibility online, dream big and aim for the stars.

Meet the AMU Artists

Laura Fedorowicz

Laura Fedorowicz is a visual artist whose artworks are full of colors and positive vibes.

"You are an artist, and every artist has a journey. Your other commitments are contributing to your life, and your art and your art journey is a reflection of your life. Your kids, your commitments, your time constraints - they are informing and shaping your art - and that is a GOOD thing."

Ceili Seipke

Ceili Seipke is a mother, painter, photographer and costume champion.

"I would like to tell fellow art mums that each one of us has our own unique art and motherhood journey. Don't compare your experience to others. Some days being a mom can be really challenging, and you may not be able to make all the art you'd like to, but that's ok. Life is full of seasons. Your season for the art that your want to make will come."

Julie Flandorfer

Julie Flandorfer is a mother, educator and visual artist addressing the struggles of women.

"Hang in there! You'll have more time for your art before you know it. In the meantime, create as often as you can with your kids. I cherish those memories. Try to find a way to keep working, even just for a little, even if it's simply painting a little once a week and posting to Instagram."

About the founder

Mona Lerch is a self-taught abstract painter, wife, mother and founder of Art Mums United.

She created this platform in order to highlight amazing women creatives across the globe whose lives have turned upside down when becoming mothers.

Mona believes that art has healing powers as it helped her to overcome postpartum trauma and anxiety. She believes that artists, and art mums in particular, are extraordinary human beings who deserve to be celebrated. This platform is dedicated to all beautiful art mums looking for support, inspiration and greater visibility online.


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