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Alexandra McLaughlin

Alexandra McLaughlin is a mother and self-taught visual artist focusing on natural wonders and landscapes.

Midland, Ontario / Canada

"Motherhood (and wifehood) has been transformational. It is the most challenging and beautiful journey I have ever been on."

Ceili Seipke

Ceili Seipke is a mother, painter, photographer and costume champion.

South Burlington, Vermont / United States

"I believe you are never too old to find your dreams and develop your gifts and skills. You just need a willing heart that is not afraid to be a beginner again, to get past your fears and be true to yourself."

Elise Mendelle

Elise Mendelle is a mother of three and a visual artist inspired by about everything in the world.

London / United Kingdom

"I believe that setbacks are a part of life, and getting through them with determination and courage will not only make you stronger, but will teach you for the next roadblock."

Hannah Burnworth

Hannah Burnworth is a mother, painter, collage artist, paper sculptor and artist behind the Milk House Studio.

North Manchester, Indiana / United States

"Art saved me. It turned into a daily practice that reconnected me with myself and taught me how to be a new mother."

Julie Flandorfer

Julie Flandorfer is a mother, educator and visual artist addressing the struggles of women.

Dallas, Texas / United States

"If you are struggling with finding time to create art as a mother, try shifting your focus to creating with your children."

Kelly Marshall

Kelly Marshall is a mother, visual artist, educator and founder of a full-inclusion children's art studio.

San Diego, California / United States

"I had never really considered that I was capable of a career in the arts but through my journey as a mother and educator, I finally saw a path."

Lindsay Dew

Lindsay Dew is a mum and a landscape painter focusing on Canadian mountains.

Nelson, British Columbia /Canada

"Motherhood also united my creativity with my professional practices. I feel modern day women literally have superpowers that come with this transformation."

Melanie Kambhampati

Melanie Kambhampati is a mother and visual artist building her work around the body and femininity.

Whitesboro, New York / United States

"I have no idea what I used to do with all my free time but I can accomplish so much more now in these short segments."

Michelle Lubin

Michelle Lubin is a mother, visual artist and writer of creative non-fiction books.

Imperial Beach, California / United States

"The art life can be incredibly challenging, throw in motherhood, the weight of the changing world and daily responsibilities, having the right support is crucial."

Nino Khundadze

Nino Khundadze is a painter, photographer, writer and mother.

Tbilisi, Georgia

"My life is constant creation. I love to improvise. I take whatever I have and I make something out of it. I believe that art does not end on canvas, it's in everything, everyone and everywhere."

Shama Roome

Shama Roome is a mother, self-taught mixed-media artist and journalling creative documenting events happening around us.

London, United Kingdom

"My voice has a value whether I’m drawing a simple flower or being deep and meaningful."

Victoria Fry

Victoria Fry is a fur mum, painter, educator and founder of Visionary Art Collective.

New York / United States

"I have a passion for teaching my students about contemporary art and showing them work by artists who are living and working today and creating work in response to issues we collectively face as a society. "

Brandi Hofer

Brandi Hofer is a visual artist focusing mainly on figurative and portraiture paintings she creates in collaboration with her children.

Lloydminster, Alberta /Canada

"Being a parent is one of the most difficult and challenging endeavors in one's life; however, I have no doubt it is the most meaningful."

Ciara Heatherman

Ciara Heatherman is a mother and a fine artist characteristic for her representational paintings.

Marble Falls, Texas / United States

"You can be a masterpiece, and a work in progress at the same time.”

Elyse' Jokinen

Elyse' Jokinen is a collage artist and mother of two wild boys.

Minneapolis, Minnesota / United States

"Then one day I found myself full circle, sitting cross legged in my living room surrounded by magazines, scissors and glue with classic rock playing in the background. I was home."

Ilana Griffo

Ilana Griffo is a lettering artist, designer, illustrator, educator, author, and mother.

Upstate New York / United States

"I try and be a source of positivity, and show artists what's possible with their art. I like to be honest and transparent so that others can learn from my mistakes."

Kate Fauvell

Kate Fauvell is a mother and visual storyteller who combines photography, collage and painting.

New York City, New York / United States

"I think differently about my subject because I want my work to have significant meaning in these socially hard times we are having in the US."

Laura Fedorowicz

Laura Fedorowicz is a visual artist whose artworks are full of colors and positive vibes.

Winona, Ontaro / Canada

"Even in times of darkness, my art is optimistic. When I paint, intuition is my guide."

Maggie Goleniak

Maggie Goleniak is an intuitive and spiritual visual artist, art educator, and fur mum.

Bagshot, Surrey / United Kingdom

"The challenges are always present, especially when the only income is selling or teaching art, but I am a big believer in Law Of Attraction."

Melissa Linette Danielson

Melissa Linette Danielson is a mixed media visual artist and a mother of two.

Hollywood, Florida / United States

"I am currently in the thick of it all, figuring out my new life and pouring all my emotions and transformation into my art."

Mikaela Wikström

Mikaela Wikström is a self-taught abstract painter and mother, who draws inspiration from the beautiful Finnish nature and small magical moments and encounters in everyday life.

Helsinki, Finland

”Do you know those small little things that can change the direction of a whole day? Even your life? Small little glimpses of joy and magic that make your heart beat a bit faster? Those fractions of magic are why I paint.”

Sabine Kay

Sabine Kay is a self-taught abstract artist and a mother of three.


"My aim is coming to a stage where I inspire the people looking at my pictures to consider more carefully the world around them and to discover the beauty in nature and everywhere around us."

Shelby McFadden

Shelby McFadden is a stay-at-home mother to her son during the day, and by night an entrepreneur, illustrator, artist and graphic designer.

Annapolis, Maryland / United States

"Being a mom is hard, emotionally and physically, but ... I am still figuring out this new identity as a mother, designer, business woman, artist, wife, and myself, and really enjoying every bit of it."

Victoria Jane Kearney

Victoria Jane Kearney is a musician, choir director and singing teacher and mother of two.

London, United Kingdom

"As I cared for my tiny daughter, I discovered new ways to nurture my creative ideas so that they had room to grow and flourish."

Cathy Immordino

Cathy Immordino is a photographic artist, former actress and a mother of two.

Los Angeles, California / United States

"As with most things in life, there is a fine line to walk and a delicate balance to maintain in order to succeed."

Daniela Perez-Lozada

Daniela Perez-Lozada is a mother and painter who sees her art as a form of therapy.

Irvine, California / United States

"My dream is to help other women that have experienced abuse and depression to find an avenue to express their feelings, to believe in themselves again."

Emi Avora

Emi Avora is a mother or two and visual artist inspired by exotic nature she is surrounded by.


"The transition into motherhood was also a transition into a new period of my practice and I am very thankful for that."

Jackie Benson

Jackie Benson is a mother of two, intuitive self-taught artist, spiritual coach and Reiki master.

Templeton, California / United States

"I believe we are here to experience and evolve within ourselves first and then as a collective society."

Katerina Novotna

Katerina Novotna is a mother, dancer, dance teacher and choreographer with over 25 years of experience.

Sydney, NSW / Australia

"I am truly inspired by mothers I meet, with their utter audacity and determination to do the best job they can. I strive to pass on this kind of strength to my students and also my daughter."

Leslie Braginsky

Leslie Braginsky is a mother and a painter whose inspiration comes from the female body and its meaning.

Hollywood, Florida / United States

"We must live in the moment because it is all we have and it is what defines our fast coming future."

Marissa Huber

Marissa Huber is an artist, mother, and creative instigator for the Carve Out Time for Art community.

South Florida / United States

"Making time for my art makes me a better mother, partner and daughter."

Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones is a mother and visual artist concentrating on abstract paintings with elements of nature, both beautiful and sinister.

Mobile, Alabama / United States

"Since becoming a mom, I don’t have the luxury to procrastinate and stare at the carpet in a woebegone state."

Montserrat Serra

Montserrat Serra is a mixed media painter, art therapist and a mother of tree.

Granollers / Spain

"I paint to translate the beauty of ephemerality and chaos of my daily life with three kids into mixed media abstract images."

Sarah Nguyen

Sarah Nguyen is a multi media artist, working primarily with paper, and a mother of three.

Columbia, Missouri / United States

"There are only two things that I wanted to be in this life, an artist and a mother."

Twiggy Boyer

Twiggy Boyer is a mother, mixed media collage artist and co-founder of Photo Trouvée Magazine.

Coral Springs, Florida /United States

"Memories are recollections of the past, a collection of fleeting moments ingrained within us forever."

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