One of the main goals of Art Mums United is to create opportunities for women creatives across the globe to increase their visibility online.

Please find the current submission opportunities below.

online exhibit


curated by

Sari Schryack

visual artist, founder and instructor of

Not Sorry Art School


Superartmum Friday Submission

Ongoing open call for a weekly Instagram feature

(including headshot, photos and/or links to artist's work, location, IG handle, short 5-question interview)



Eligibility for Open Calls

Submisions for the online exhibit are open to all womxn creatives.

Submissions for the Artist Profile, Artist Profile/Interview or Supertartmum Friday feature (our ongoing open call) are open to all art mums or anyone identifying as a mum (would-be mum, fur mum etc.).

We accept all types of artists - photographers, painters, writers, actresses, sculptors, designers, musicians, dancers etc. from all around the world.

No art education necessary.

All images or videos must be clearly titled with the NAME OF ARTIST / YEAR OF COMPLETION / TITLE / MEDIUM OR TYPE OF ART. Images must be cropped to include only the artwork.

Submitted images / links shall not be older than 2018 and should represent the most significant work (submitted work does not have to be available for sale).

Art Mums United reserves the right to use images and information provided by the artist. All images of artwork and rights relating to them, including copyright and ownership rights remain the property of the artist.

Submission fee

All open call entries require a non-refundable submission fee depending on the option selected. This non-refundable submission fee goes towards supporting our community of artists, creating opportunities and enhancing visibility online.

All open calls are curated, therefore, the submission itself does not guarantee the artist being selected. 

By submitting to the Art Mums United OPEN CALLS the artist agrees to Terms & Conditions. 

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