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Sasha-Loriene is an artist who captures her thoughts, feelings, and interpretation of the world in every piece. The goal of her art practice is to tell a story and create a personal experience that encourages viewer introspection. Sasha-Loriene uses bold colors, shapes, and subject matter to highlight the human experience and the intersectionality between identity (who we are externally), self (who we are internally), and purpose (who we are intrinsically). By focusing on her own self-discovery, she has tapped into a whimsical method of storytelling that liberates others to do the same.


As the founder of Mahyue Studioes and BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT®, she bridges together identity, self, and purpose on a larger scale, cultivating the communities she needed as a young girl.  


BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT (BGWP) is an ecosystem created to support and empower Black women artists by promoting positive representation, sisterhood, and community - one that Founder Sasha-Loriene always wanted as a young girl. As such, BGWP is also a platform formed by a Black woman who paints that believes in increasing our visibility so young black girls can see themselves in the art world. In doing so, BGWP empowers Black women and girls to share their art and story because when we see ourselves, we believe in ourselves and encourage others to do the same.


Mahyue Studios is an arts incubator that encourages artists to reacquaint themselves with their inner child through the lens of Mahyue, the child who freely created independent of status quo and unlock new heights in their artist practice by using exploration & experimentation as a catalyst for personal & artistic growth. Understanding that we are multi-dimensional artists, Mahyue Studios focuses on soul searching, emotional intelligence, and storytelling to enhance the studio practice while highlighting and celebrating their process along the way.

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