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Jayn Anderson - a dreamer and traveller embracing the inherent chaos of life

Greensboro, NC / United States

Website | Instagram

Jayn Anderson is a North Carolina based abstract painter. She spent her childhood on the East Coast before moving to England to study. During her years there, Jayn was afforded many opportunities to travel, including several solo trips. Some of her most memorable travels were to Mallorca, Ireland, Israel, Uruguay and the Czech Republic, as well as many other spectacular locations. These deeply meaningful experiences continue to shape the work that Jayn creates today.

Jayn embraces the inherent chaos of life, thriving in ever-changing environments. Her work mirrors this spontaneity and energy in every mark that she paints. Jayn has a fiercely independent spirit, with an empathetic, old soul. She uses music as a vessel to channel her experiences and the emotions they evoke into her artwork. She prefers not to think about what she’s creating but instead letting intuition and automation be her guide.

When she’s not creating, Jayn enjoys reading, exploring nature and staying active while spending time with her family.

Jayn, you are an abstract painter whose work is inspired by life experiences and travels. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and journey into the art world?

Thank you, Mona. I’m honored to be a part of this amazing group of women. I’m a self-taught artist based in North Carolina. I’ve always loved creating art and other things, but that’s just it – I love it all – I could never narrow it down to just one thing – one type of art – one college major – one path for the rest of my life. I am passionate about so many different forms of creating that I felt overwhelmed having to pick just one. So, I didn’t! I moved to England instead of finishing my college degree! Fast forward through many wonderful years of life back in the US – marriage, children, etc. Life was great, but when my children were around preschool age, I realized I desperately needed an outlet to create – to breathe – to recharge – to just be me. I started watercoloring and drawing because it was easy to do with young children. That evolved into more expressive and raw abstract work, which is what I create today.

What was the most surprising country you’ve visited, and how did that influence your work?

Wow, that’s a really tough question! I honestly don't know how to choose just one! I’ve been so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to so many incredible and influential places but if I have to narrow it down – Europe, as a whole, is a very special place for me. The culture, the architecture, the countryside, the people – I love it all. It just feels like home to me.

How would you characterize your work?

To quote my artist statement, “My work is inspired by life experiences, emotions, music and how they all relate to fundamental humanness. I create to uncover the deeply personal and, at times, uncomfortable parts of life. Through my work, I strive to present a visual language that we can all relate to on a deeper level. My desire is to provide a safe space for others to feel the freedom and vulnerability to connect to their innermost thoughts.

Music is a vital part of your creative process but can you share what your process looks like from the initial stages to the completion? Do you have any rituals or habits?

I wish I had a fancy professional answer for you, but I don’t. The truth is it never looks the same. Sure, there are similarities – such as I need to be in the right headspace, I need music that moves me, I need some emotion, thought, or situation to start from – but the logistics are unplanned, free-flowing and intuitive. I often get in my own way by overthinking things – so the less I plan or think, the happier I am with the result.

What is the message behind your art?

The beauty of abstract art is that everyone sees something different. What I see or feel is not the same as the next person. I think there is such power in allowing the viewer that freedom and space to let the art speak to them – whatever that looks like.

What does your art do for you?

How do you even put into words such a life-altering, soul-expressing, transformational thing?! But I’ll try - for me, creating art – or really, creating anything – has always been the one thing that truly makes me feel alive. It brings out the most authentic and raw version of myself – which sometimes is scary and vulnerable, but it’s also incredibly freeing and refreshing.

What has been the most exciting moment in your art career so far?

Gosh, the last year has been such a whirlwind, but I would have to say it’s probably having my work featured in British Vogue Magazine. That was pretty special. Or maybe having my art in a gallery in Paris and Madrid! I don’t know – I kinda feel like everything is exciting!

What are your dreams, plans and goals?

I have a lot of dreams and goals – it's the planning part that gets in my way! Seriously though, what I care about most in life is raising kind, loving, decent human beings. If I can accomplish that (together with my awesome husband), I will have lived a successful life! It’s also really important to me that my children see me make mistakes – and they see plenty of it – but they also see me brush it off and keep going.

What is the number one advice to fellow artist mothers trying to figure out their authentic creative voice?

Looking back, I wish I had felt the freedom to be ok with just being me. I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to be this perfect person, perfect mom, perfect wife. I was constantly hurting my own feelings by trying to pretend to be someone I wasn't – someone I thought I should be. I’m so grateful for the many experiences that provided opportunities to finally see and accept myself just as I am. I’m far from perfect – thankfully – but you know I actually like who I am. So, all that to say – It’s never too late to be who you’ve always dreamed of being.

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