"Beauty In The Mundane" is an online exhibit that celebrates all womxn creatives and the world seen through their eyes. Our lives are full of hustle, and we often forget to see the little things that matter. There is so much beauty around us that can make us joyful, create smiles on our faces and make us wonder how we could have walked by without noticing it before. In this exhibit, we want to highlight the most ordinary moments that make us happy. 


Sari Schryack is a visual artist based in Austin, Texas. She graduated from Drury University in Missouri in 2014 with a BA in Fine Arts. Sari is well-known for her colorful still lives with hints of nostalgia as well as her focus on color and light in the ever-changing neighborhoods of her community. Sari is the founder and instructor of Not Sorry Art School. She is also the queen of Instagram!

"My career began in earnest at the beginning of 2016 when I vowed to myself that I would create one painting a day, everyday. I was coming off a hiatus where I struggled to find the motivation to paint at all, and with this project I rediscovered the accountability I needed to pick up a brush consistently. More than four years later, I haven’t looked back; I turned that daily goal and my technical foundation into a thriving art practice from which I have grown my own business.

Through art I’ve gained freedom from past traumas and connected with my audience in ways I never thought possible. I continue to push myself technically, creatively and emotionally through my art and I’m hoping to transfer that experience to you through this workshop."




Submissions are open to all womxn artists.

For this particular exhibit, we are looking for visual artists - photographers, painters, sculptors, fiber artists, installation artists etc. from all around the world. 

No art education necessary.

Submission Requirements

Website and/or social media handles.

Artist bio and artist statement in Word format (under 500 words each).

Up to 7 good quality images of the artist's work.

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