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I scoured through files of my recent work to compile an exhibition of paintings that glow with love, light, and beautiful energy. It’s a show curated in memory of my sweet mom, who left this earthly world in December 2021. Her passing is the deepest, most profound loss of my life.


During mom’s brief illness, I set up a studio in my parents’ living room so I would be available to help and so mom could watch me paint as she rested on the couch. She watched several of the pieces in this exhibition come to fruition and offered input as they were in progress. We had fun. She had a good eye! My family used one of the paintings as the backdrop image on the memorial card at her funeral.


Thinking of mom is comforting but also hurts immensely. The thought of her can bring a smile from ear to ear while simultaneously bringing the biggest pool of tears to the eyes.


I am a mother. I see the role in a new light these days. I feel overjoyed with the thought that perhaps I am providing my boys with even a fraction of the love that my mom gave me and my sisters. I am also heartbroken to think that this also means they can’t help but experience this crushing sadness.


My paintings have always been an ode to the beauty of the natural world and to the connections people have to the landscape. I like to think that when I go out to search for new scenes to paint, I will find my mom in the sunlight, in the breeze and in the shape of the clouds.




Canadian artist Nicki Ault has always loved art, but only began to pursue it professionally when her youngest son started Grade One in 2010. Over the next seven years she gradually found more and more time to paint and kept herself accountable by posting to her art blog, “Nicki Ault: Me, Myself and Who Am I?” 


In March 2011 Nicki’s mixed media piece “In My Aura” was accepted into a show in Ayr, Ontario featuring 100 paintings by 100 female artists from around the world in celebration of the centenary of International Women’s Day. 


Although she considers herself to be a landscape painter, that particular piece was based around a self-portrait. 


In 2017, with two galleries asking for her work, she was finally able to commit to a fulltime studio practice. An article was written about Nicki’s work in Galleries West magazine in 2019 and in 2020 she was named a SaskGalleries “Artist to Watch”. 


Nicki considers herself to be a lifelong student of art, always determined to learn and grow in order to keep moving forward. Although she is largely self-taught, Nicki has taken art classes with talented instructors including Craig Berry, Gord MacDonald and Doug Swinton. She recently began a solo studio practice after working in collectives for the past 11 years. 


Nicki is represented by galleries in Regina (SK), Calgary (AB) and Winnipeg (MB) and shows her work during the summer season in Waskesiu, Prince Albert National Park. Her paintings can be found in corporate collections in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec as well as private collections internationally. Nicki lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada with her husband and two sons.