Art Mums United Exhibits

Art Mums United aims to provide opportunities for women creatives from all around the world. Especially during this time, when our solo and group shows, art fairs and other events are cancelled, we made a promise to showcase art, provide greater visibility online and support artists on a platform that highlights their work and talent.

Welcome to our online exhibits!

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"Beauty In The Mundane" is an online exhibit that celebrates all womxn creatives and the world seen through their eyes. Our lives are full of hustle, and we often forget to see the little things that matter. There is so much beauty around us that can make us joyful, create smiles on our faces and make us wonder how we could have walked by without noticing it before. In this exhibit, we want to highlight the most ordinary moments that make us happy. 

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"When You Fall Asleep" is an exhibit that celebrates motherhood and women creatives whose work practices turned upside down when becoming parents. It is a reminder of the strength, determination, patience and love all these women share with the world through their art.

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