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The two women behind The Huts Magazine

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Art Mums United had the pleasure to interview Catherine and Matilda, the two incredible women behind a contemporary art publication - The Huts Magazine.

The Huts Magazine was founded in 2020 during the world pandemic. Could you please tell us all about you and your background and what prompted you to create this beautiful publication?

We are two sisters, Bardi Osobuanomola Catherine and Bardi Tosobuafo Matilda; originally from Nigeria. Catherine is a writer and holds a BA in Theatre Arts, while Matilda is an artist and an undergraduate of fine and applied arts. During the pandemic, people around us started making good use of the time they spent in the lockdown, and we thought we should do something too. Something that will matter to us and the world. Something that will help people take their minds off the scary situation the pandemic put us in. We’re glad we have gotten somewhere and added to our initial goals and plans.

What is the main aim and focus of the magazine?

Our number one goal for our magazine is to reach out to emerging and mid-career artists to publish, to create more opportunities for them in the art world.

You create incredible opportunities for artists in various stages of their art career. Can you tell us about your calls for art?

Our call for art for the reoccurring Unveil section in the magazine which we offer the artists a two-page spread, talking about their practices and showcasing some of their art pieces.

What are you looking for when selecting artists for the magazine?

We are searching for artists that are able to talk about their work and are ready to showcase their art. Artworks are selected based on originality and their ability to interest viewers in meanings and style.

What are some of your plans and goals?

In the future, we plan to hold competitions and boot camps for only emerging artists.

Where can artists find your magazine?

At the moment, our magazine can only be found on online sites like Amazon and Lulu. We have contacted some bookstores, so as from our December issue, our magazine will be available in some locations in prints that will be disclosed after the release.

What’s your number one advice to artists in general when it comes to presenting their work?

Ensure your work is ready. The artists should be able to ask themselves these questions: How is my work different from what other artists are putting out? Am I able to talk about my works to the full length? Am I comfortable with how far I have explored my materials? Is my art about a topic I am passionate about? Would I even want to display my artwork in my own home? The artists should be able to answer these questions. Most opportunities out there are not looking for artists who create what they have seen before, they desire something unique backed up by a wonderful narrative.

What would you like to see more of in the art world?

Something is going on in the art world now, where artists choose a certain narrative that is selling out even though they have no passion for it. We would love artists to explore topics they are interested in and love to talk about instead of following what is trending.

For art opportunities by The Huts Magazine, please check the website or IG account @thehuts.magazine.

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