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Christine Bent is a self taught artist based in New York City. Her work spans from digital art to mixed media wood and wire, with abstract paintings being the most prevalent, using acrylic and tools beyond a paint brush including finger painting. Christine was raised in Queens, NY by parents of Jamaican and Filipino descent, where cultural vibrancy and 80’s street art were intrinsic to her childhood experience. Her upbringing, study of Geography and math, as well as love of travel, music and nature inspires her use of colors, patterns and shapes throughout her paintings. In 2005, Christine began her career as a digital cartographer using aerial photography and terrain models to make maps, and now considers herself a “data” visualist. Since then her relationship with art has evolved from data to emotionally driven, mainly focused around her creative process. In Summer 2021, Christine worked as a gallery assistant for the New Apostle Gallery in Mount Vernon, NY and as a woodworking apprentice making frames. Her recent work was featured at the Affordable Art Fair in New York City, September 2021, “Transcend” Exhibition at Fable Jones Studio in Brooklyn, NY, October 2021 and "Sacrifice" digital exhibtion with MADs Gallery and its two physical locations in Milan, Italy and Fuerteventura, Canary Islands in December 2021. In addition to painting, Christine is currently working on her collection of digital art and development of an NFT marketplace. 



I love to create abstract art and use mixed media, there is something magical about it. Inspired by my son, my approach to art is exploratory and playful. Creation is driven by emotions and intuition, in a space free of rules and full of presence. Through art, I bring into existence what no one has seen before. Starting from a blank slate and mind, I transcend and my process begins. Using acrylic and tools beyond a paint brush including finger painting, I move with the colors. The energy is reminiscent of diverse cultures and nature. Patterns of shapes varying in size are marked throughout my paintings to depict landscape features, life and movement. My working knowledge and familial roots in construction and seamstry inspire me to view objects around me as materials, and repurpose them to create an experience beyond the canvas. Relishing every minute of creation, not only is my artwork a reflection of my creative process, it is an embodiment of who I am. From the moment I hand wrap unprimed textile around the interior frame, prime the canvas, create and varnish, all the way to completing construction of my frame - this is all of me. Art, and its entire experience is magical.