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Ceili Seipke is a multi-disciplinary fine artist. While raising three children, her art making was placed in the background. When her youngest graduated high school, she quit her full-time job as a Behavioral Interventionist and stepped back into the art world by working with a local artist and having a solo show of her fairytale-esque photography at The Davis Studio Gallery. When the pandemic lockdown hit in the Spring of 2020, Ceili capitalized on the opportunity to further prioritize her own art practice. She spent time creating work and expanded her art presence online by becoming involved in global art communities, The Art Queens and Art Mums United. She was part of the online “Springing Forward Exhibition” for Create! Magazine, “Translucent Souls” Exhibit for Art Mums United, and had an AMU solo show. This fall, her encaustic photography was in The Huts Magazine as part of the AMU Group Online Exhibit “Stronger Together.” She is currently shortlisted in the Women United Art Prize for her encaustic photography.


Studying with artist Leah Macdonald, Ceili learned encaustic painting. The medium satisfied her yearning for tactile art making along with providing a way to blend her photography and painting skills. Ceili has been coached by AMU’s founder, Mona Lerch and is currently expanding her personal art practice skills by working with curator Gita Joshi in her Show Your Art Membership program. She is also involved in her local art community through The S.P.A.C.E Gallery and South Ends Arts and Business Association. 


Ceili was raised in Pennsylvania and is a first-generation college graduate with a BFA in Painting and a minor in Interior Design from Baylor University. She lives in Vermont and works from her home studio, sometimes accompanied by her Shiba Inu.





So what is a work of art but visual story-telling? As a child I loved reading science fiction and fanciful stories. I also loved to draw so it was natural for me to start writing my own tales and illustrate them. That love of fantasy and story-telling spilled into my photography as I began to make fairytale-esque portraiture. I created imaginary worlds with props and costumes that I made. Sometimes I would photograph my models in the local landscape and other times it would be in my garage on a set that I built.


Those images are the inspiration for this solo exhibition, re-imagined in a new medium. They are printed in black and white ink on fine art paper and glued onto wooden panels. Next, a heated encaustic wax medium is brushed over them and they are fused with a heat gun. Some images have rice paper added to create texture or shapes. Layers are built up to create depth and finished with encaustic paints, oil pastels, and gold gilding paint. The softness of the wax enhances the ethereal feel of the images.


While I have a story or vision behind each piece, I want you to decide for yourself what the story could be. I want these images to fire your imagination and transport you to a magical time and place.


IG: @ceiliseipke