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Decatastrophizing Steps

A strategy for coping with anxiety

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Money Mindset Reset

Exercises to help you address your limiting beliefs about money and start your exciting relationship with it.

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How To Build An Engaged Following On Social Media

Simple tools for boosting your social media presence.


Art Commission Agreement Template

Download this editable Art Commission Agreement Template 

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Artist Resume

How to summarize your art career and relevant experience.

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Submission Guide - Images

How to prepare images of your work for opportunities.

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Website Creation

A worksheet that will help you craft an attractive website.

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5 Tips To Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Follow these 5 tips and have some fun with your social media.

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Grow Your Mailing List

A few simple steps to start creating content that helps you grow your mailing list and convert your audience into paying clients.

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Artist Bio

How to introduce yourself you your audience.

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Artist CV

How to provide an overview of your art career and experience.

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Communication Style Assessment

Find out about your communication style and how to effectively communicate with others.

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How To Present Your Commission Offer

A brief overview of the steps you can take to stand out in the pool of artists.

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Creatively Stuck

10 tips for getting out of a rut.

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Goal Tracker

Get into the habit of keeping track of your daily, weekly and monthly plans and accomplishments.

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Artist Statement

How to introduce your work and your art practice to your audience.

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Submission Guide

How to increase your chances when applying for art opportunities.

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The Feelings Wheel

This tool will help you identify your emotions when you are not certain of what you are experiencing. 

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