Mona Lerch



"I wish to make my audience feel what I feel when I am creating. It's not just about decorating your house with a soothing piece of art but also about opening your hearts and minds to little things that really matter."

Mona Lerch is a self-taught contemporary artist currently residing in Brno, Czech Republic.


After having completed her studies in Australia and the UK, she returned to the Czech Republic to pursue her career as an internal security specialist.

Originally a dance choreographer, painting was not an obvious artistic path for her; however, she has been drawing inspiration from movement, emotions and senses just as she used to do when creating choreographies.

Mona concentrates on abstract oil painting. She uses both life and work experiences to give shape to unique pieces of artwork that are characterized by elaborate structure and layers. Her paintings are intuitive and offer space for the viewer's imagination.

Being a nature lover and a passionate advocate of ecological lifestyle, she digs deep into her fantasy to materialize her own inner world on canvas. Her mission is to create a narrative embodying the beauty we have around us that we forget to see and to break the boundaries between the body and mind.


Mona Lerch



"Art makes me happy. The whole process brings me joy - thinking about art, creating art, looking at art, learning about art. There is so much love involved."

Mona is a wife to a wonderful husband and a mother of a two-year old amazing boy. 

She has decided to paint full-time after having experienced postpartum PTSD. Her son was born prematurely and the first six months were full of anxiety, fear and sadness. She needed to release these negative emotions and concentrate on something beautiful to save herself from drowning too deep.


She started focusing on little things that have brought her pure childish joy, and so she started painting and it just worked magic on her.


After seeing the healing power of painting, she decided to show her work to the public, share her story and raise awareness not only about her state of mind after giving birth but also about her life with endometriosis and a spinal defect called the Schmorl's nodes. 

Mona only creates when her son is asleep because she doesn't want to limit their time together. 

She admires all strong and powerful women creatives who have the ability to inspire others and she wants to introduce these heroins to the world.

Mona Lerch_Do You Hear Them Grow?_2020_o
Mona Lerch_When You Are Not Looking_2019
Mona Lerch_I Promise To Care, Always and
Mona Lerch_Enchanted Forest_2020_oil on
Mona Lerch_Frost On My Window_2019_oil o